Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Sandfield Pitch and Putt.

Do I need to book?
  • No, there is no booking system, just turn up and play.
Can I pay by Cash?
  • Yes, you can by by Cash in either Euro () or Sterling (£)
Can I pay by Card?
  • Yes, you can pay by Visa or Master card or Mobile Payments (Apple Pay and Google Pay).
How much does it cost to play Pitch and Putt?
  • An Adult round with club hire and two golf balls will cost only €12, €10 for 3rd Level Students and €9 for Primary and 2nd Level Students.
  • If you have your own clubs and golf balls that reduces to €8 for an Adult €6 for 3rd Level Students and €5 for Primary and 2nd Level Students
  • Please check out the ‘Fees’ page for the full and current list of charges.
Is there a discount for Seniors?
  • Yes, there is a discounted rate for over 70’s.
Can I hire Golf Clubs?
  • Yes, we have a full range of Right and Left handed golf clubs available to hire for adults and juniors.
Is there a Weekly Ticket or Season Membership I can purchase?
  • No, we do not have memberships or weekly passes.
  • We do have a Customer Loyalty Card where you get a FREE round after playing 5 full priced rounds which is the equivalent of a 20% discount over 6 rounds.
Can I play a second round?
  • Yes, we have a discounted green fee for those players that want to go around again on the same day.
Is the course Open all year?
  • No, the season usually runs between Easter and early September, subject to weather conditions.
What time do you close in the evening?
  • There is no fixed closing time, we remain there until the last group have completed their round.
  • We do however have a last starting time depending on the time of the year that is approximately 2 hours before sunset, but the current time can be found on the Opening Times page.
Do you have Toilet facilities?
  • Yes, there is a unisex Toilet in the garage next to the 3rd Green.
How many holes does the course have?
  • The course has a full 18 Holes, all of which are unique.
How long does it take to play all 18 Holes at Sandfield Pitch and Putt?
  • Depending on the experience and size of group on average you should allow at least 1 hour 30 minutes for a 4-Ball group of regular players.
Do you sell Refreshments and Snacks?