Course Rules and Etiquette

It is important that all players read, understand and follow all the course rules, etiquette and standards of behaviour before you start to play your game of Pitch and Putt and while on the course. In paying the Green Fees you agree to and understand the course rules and etiquette. Note: Each player will be solely responsible for any injury or damage their actions may cause.

Please respect the golf course and the facilities so that you and other future visitors can continue to enjoy the amenity going forward.

Rules and Etiquette

Course Play Rules

  1. Out of Bounds – Players shall play from the place of the previous stoke and add a penalty stoke.
  2. Lost Ball – Drop the ball within 2 club lengths where the ball was lost but not nearer the hole and add a penalty stroke.
  3. Ball on wrong green – Safely pick up and drop the ball off the green but not nearer the hole with no penalty.
  4. Plugged Ball – Pick up the ball and drop within a clubs length not nearer the hole with no Penalty stoke.
  5. ‘Foxed Ball’ – If your Golf Ball is stolen by the resident Fox play a second ball from tee with no penalty.

Local Rules

  1. All rounds must start from first tee, unless otherwise agreed.
  2. Green Fees must be paid before commencement of each round of 18 holes.
  3. Do not play until all players in front have left the green and have exited to the next tee.
  4. Call other Players/Groups through if searching for a lost ball.
  5. Stand at a safe distance from the person playing a pitching shot.
  6. Do not stand directly behind or closes to the back of a player teeing off.
  7. Never go ahead of the tee box until all players in the group have played their first shot.
  8. Avoid standing ahead of any player when they are playing a shot.
  9. Any ball in flight in danger of hitting other please shout ‘FORE’ loudly and indicate the direction of the stray ball.
  10. Putters ONLY to be used on greens.
  11. Pitching irons and pin flag to be left on the apron of the green or held by a non-active player while putting.
  12. Holes should be played in numerical sequence.
  13. Exercise caution when attempting to retrieve balls from water hazards.

Course Etiquette

  1. No running on the course.
  2. Slow players must allow faster groups to play through at the earliest opportunity.
  3. Players in a larger groups should call through 2 and 3 balls that are being held up.
  4. No player shall play until players in the group in front are out of range.
  5. Please repair pitch marks on greens.
  6. Please replace divots on fairways.
  7. Vacate the green as quickly as possible after you have completed a hole.
  8. Replace flag in the hole after completing each hole.
  9. Dispose of all garbage/wrappers in the bins that are provided around the course.
  10. Crossing or climbing over boundary fences into adjoining land is strictly forbidden.
  11. Please refrain from aggressive behaviour and/or the use of foul language when playing the course.
  12. Small Children must be kept under control at all times and be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Unacceptable Behaviours

Any of the following behaviours will result in a player or group being asked to leave the course and refused future play.

  1. Aggressive or threatening behaviour towards Sandfield Pitch and Putt staff or other players.
  2. Anyone intoxicated by drink or drugs will be refused to play.
  3. Irresponsible hitting of golf balls into adjoining properties that could endanger others.
  4. Deliberate and malicious damage to green surfaces.
  5. The jamming of hired Golf Clubs into the ground to stand them up while playing a shot.
  6. Theft of hired clubs.

We thank you for your attention and adherence to these rules and we are sure you will have an enjoyable game.